More often, lessors are faced with competitive pressures to book new transactions and to build customer relationships. Expending capital on “back-office” support and systems can drain resources that could otherwise be used on revenue generating activity.

By partnering with JDR Solutions as your choice for complete life-cycle management of your portfolio assets, you can be assured that you are getting the best-in-class service from a team of dedicated professionals. We perform a full analysis of your portfolio needs and make collaborative recommendations of our services that are aligned with your business objectives.

Whether you are looking to maximize the investment in your lease/loan portfolio or searching for a lower cost to operate your systems and software, JDR Solutions has unique resources and expertise to deliver cost-effective options. Our programs are created to work for emerging leasing/finance ventures as well as established lessor entities with specific objectives in portfolio servicing.

Every client has a unique set of requirements and expectations from a service provider. JDR Solutions has proven to be a true business partner by creating specialized project management teams and matrices for performance and delivery levels on every engagement.